Monday: Not Manic and doesn’t need repeating


The only applicable song title is from the Boomtown Rats for today, “I don’t like Mondays”. My silicone chip fused years ago.

It’s that sinking feeling you get after a nice easy-going weekend, by the end of the working day you feel like you’ve never been away from the place. I remember in previous jobs how the last hour would always drag and you would clock watch and will it to move on a bit quicker – well in teaching that hour is added to with the “Last class of the day”. Any other time you see them they’re (largely) fine, but you’re tired, they’re tired and neither of you really want to be there any more. That’s a difficult thing to a) pull the kids out of and get them working and b) not fall into it yourself, throw your hands in the air and give up for the day.

Then there’s your stomach to deal with. All weekend long the fridge has been there for you at the drop of a hat and you’ve enjoyed that extra treat you don’t have to hand in work. You pack a sensible lunch and a couple of healthy snacks to keep you going – except they don’t and your tummy is making strange noises and you remember what being hungry feels like again. Then it’s willpower time: give in or stay strong? Most days that’s an easy question but on a Monday the Chipper looks tempting and you’re wondering if a whole cheesecake would make you sick. It would but it’d be worth it.

Then it’s Monday in the second last week of January. Your pay has cease to exist now since Dec 29th and you’re wondering how the hell you can afford anything in the next ten days. To add insult to injury companies decided that this is a good time to ask for money for Gas, Electric and Phone. Then there’s the tax bill I’ll have to pay at the end of this month and I’m starting to wonder how much the kids would raise on EBay.

Finally you are fully aware that the joy of the Monday feeling will be repeated each day until you get back to Friday – you are wishing away your life to get work over and done with. There must be more to life than this. Who agreed that it was only a two-day weekend? Could we not get Wednesday off to effectively give us two Fridays a week? Quick check of the weekend’s lottery numbers to check if you really do have to go back in to work or not tomorrow – nope £10 won’t get me that retirement villa on the Amalfi coast of Italy.

Ah well, back to work tomorrow; this mortgage won’t pay itself unfortunately.


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