Boris: Buffoon or Worse?


Boris J

In the bland world of politics the blonde buffoon is king – but are we heading towards a dangerous place where we would elect the man as our national leader?

I will hold my hands up and say that I laughed and enjoyed Boris on Have I got news for you when he appeared the first couple of times; he has that Woodhousian appeal of the upper class twit that we love to watch and mimic. The danger is with Clegg, Cameron and Miliband as our main three leaders we are seriously lacking any character, verve or individuality at he top of politics so Boris stands out as an eccentric character that we all have a soft spot for. There is, however, a difference between liking someone and seeing them as a viable leader of our country.

Around the world he is more recognisable than Cameron after his appearances connected with the Olympics and in the UK has a greater popularity rating. But is he all that he appears to be? The answer seems to be no.

It’s been claimed several times that his bedraggled look is self inflicted as after hair and make-up has been done in a TV studio he deliberately ruffles his hair back up to keep the persona. He’s also not the most PC politician we have – an I know that’s one of the reasons that many people like him – but behind the so-called humour is there a darker side to him?

  • The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more… Consider Uganda, pearl of Africa, as an example of the British record. … the British planted coffee and cotton and tobacco, and they were broadly right… If left to their own devices, the natives would rely on nothing but the instant carbohydrate gratification of the plantain. You never saw a place so abounding in bananas: great green barrel-sized bunches, off to be turned into matooke. Though this dish (basically fried banana) was greatly relished by Idi Amin, the colonists correctly saw that the export market was limited… The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.
    • Discussing his views on Africans The Spectator 2 February 2002
  • Labour’s appalling agenda, encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools, and all the rest of it.
    • The Spectator 15 April 2000
  • That is the best case for Bush; that, among other things, he liberated Iraq. It is good enough for me.
    • Daily Telegraph 26 February 2004
  • Yes, cannabis is dangerous, but no more than other perfectly legal drugs. It’s time for a rethink, and the Tory party – the funkiest, most jiving party on Earth – is where it’s happening.
    • Daily Telegraph, July 2001
  • Nor do I propose to defend the right to talk on a mobile while driving a car, though I don’t believe that is necessarily any more dangerous than the many other risky things that people do with their free hands while driving – nose-picking, reading the paper, studying the A-Z, beating the children, and so on.
    • Daily Telegraph, August 2002

Not exactly the cuddly persona we’ve come to know from him. The big danger here is that we become a laughing stock – he’s fine on the periphery of politics and if London is daft enough to elect him even though he has no real policies (Boris Bikes were actually a Ken Livingstone policy) and more a media star than a politician but to take him anymore seriously is a mistake. His performance on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday with Eddie Mair showed us that he can’t answer a straight question and plays the “I’m a dumb blond” card once too often.

Yes he’s a great eccentric but he is the court jester – not the king and we should remember that.


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