That takes the bacon!


Bacon Breakfast Roll

Hmmm Bacon – (Except for Jewish and Muslim viewers)

The humble rasher of bacon is back in the news again, this time because its flavour has been added to…condoms. And not just the flavour either.

Bacon condoms

This isn’t an early April Fools Day joke, this company have made them look and smell like bacon – and if that’s not enough you could also have some bacon lube too. J & D’s foods not only do safe sex bacon products, you could get your bacon mayo or even a bacon coffin. Not made of bacon, but painted to look like bacon.

Here’s a question though – who the f*ck wants a bacon flavoured lube or condom? At what point do you decide that this is something your life is missing? I know companies are looking for that market edge these days to turn their finances around but this is weird to say the least. I’ve never quite understood the flavoured condom anyway, unless I didn’t pay attention in biology I don’t think women have taste buds down there anyway so it seems strange.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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