Cardboard Cut-Out Cops


bangalore cops

In the Indian city of Bangalore the police only have around half of the traffic police required to fully cover the city – so instead they have put cardboard cut-outs of police at busy junctions to get motorists to slow down and take care – and it’s working!

What a brilliant idea. Drivers won’t know if they are real until they are passing it and by then they will have slowed down. Drivers have been slowing down when they see the ‘policeman’ and accidents are being reduced. According to reports the roads in India’s bigger cities are a nightmare with very little regard for rules, lanes or other drivers and the local police commissioner MA Saleem hopes that this will help the situation. The downside is obviously if people become wise to the idea – so the police will have to randomly appear where drivers think it’s a fake to keep them on their toes.  The same idea was used in Prague a couple of years ago and it worked – until someone stole them. Where else could we use these?

Cinemas have to be an option to stop the idiots talking or being on their phones throughout films, or perhaps in parks at night to stop local “wildlife” enthusiasts from lurking around them. Just the idea that there is an official around changes the behaviour of people and could cut down on crime both on the road and further afield – perhaps we should all get a train set and take a leaf out of Kevin from Home Alone and have it carry a cut out around our houses to fool would-be burglars.

It’s good to see the Indians coming up with clever money saving ideas – perhaps the government could do the same with some of the front bench MPs as most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a cardboard Nick Clegg and the real thing. Sorry, they already did that didn’t they.


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