North Korea – Stop being Dicks (Copyright Adam Hills)



This chubby faced imbecile is playing Chicken with the biggest and most powerful superpower on the planet – Why?

Ever since this little man-child came to power he (or the generals around him) have been escalating the tensions with anyone who will listen. Today they say they are in a “State or War” with South Korea because the US have sent planes there to help protect Seoul from any kind of attack. There have also been numerous hilarious videos from the country showing masses of “member of the public” showing glee and joy whenever the Pot-bellied Despot is around.

For the last 60 North and South Korea have effectively been at war as the two sides have never signed a peace treaty, but since the end of the Korean war there have been no major assaults – just posturing from the North. One of the main reasons for the escalation is because of the way in which Kim Jong-un is viewed by the world according to commentators. He is an even bigger figure of fun both inside and outside the country than his “Ronery” father was so he needs to be seen to be a serious, dangerous man. In fact the opposite is true and he continues to look like a boy dressed in his father’s clothes at a fancy dress party.

So why don’t the US or someone else just take him out? Why don’t we just remove him and move on with our lives? In short China is the answer. They are largely on the side of the North Koreans and we don’t really want to pick a fight with the country that owns huge amounts of the world’s global shares – especially the US. The only upside for the United States is that if North Korea does attack they will only be protecting South Korea – a loophole that Kim Jong-un doesn’t seem to understand.

Then we add into the mix the other nasty piece of work that is Putin and his Russian perspective where he is making noises that everyone needs to “calm down” – by which he just looking for an excuse for a fight. So are we on the brink of World War 3? Yes, pretty much – and it’ll all be down to whether that dumpling dictator understands the big boys game he has stumbled into.

See you in the bunker folks.



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