Tennant returns!



Molto Bene! It’s official, geeks unite as Tennant and Piper return for the 90 minute 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who due to air on BBC in November.

David Tennant for me is the perfect Doctor Who, with a balance of mirth, menace and melancholy and it’ll be great to see him back in the role later this year – even if it’s only for a few minutes. I have to admit I have a bit of a man crush on him – not in a sexy sexy way, more of an admiration for his acting and personality. That question about who you would invite to your all-star dinner party would have to include him.

I was first aware of David in “Taking over the Asylum” back in the mid 90s where he played Campbell a manic-depressive character who was taken under the great Ken Stott’s wing as Eddie in the show. The cast was great but David and Ken’s chemistry was fantastic. He popped up again in “People like us” and “Posh nosh” but was not on our screens enough – until “Blackpool” arrived and DI Carlisle went toe to toe with David Morrissey’s Ripley Holden. It was a great acting showdown between two of our greatest performers.

Casanova passed me by, but thankfully Doctor Who didn’t and David’s turn in the Tardis took the show to the height it now enjoys. I had the pleasure of catching him onstage in the West End a couple of years back in “Much ado about nothing” and his and Catherine Tate’s performances were brilliant – I’d never laughed so much at Shakespeare until that night. I wish I’d been able to see his performance as Hamlet but the TV version showed what a versatile and charismatic actor he is.

Now in Broadchurch he is the Grumpy Alec Hardy trying to solve the murder of a young boy whilst battling the demons of a similar case from his recent past. From “Learners” to “Single Dad”, “Recovery” to the upcoming “Politician’s husband” he continues to be one of our best TV actors. While his big screen choices have been patchy to say the least, he constantly shows on both the small screen and on stage what a genuinely talented actor he is.

To see him back in the Tardis is great and next to Matt’s incarnation it’ll be interesting to see if he overshadows his successor and reminds the audience of what we’re missing – but having watched him over the last 20 years he knows how to shine whilst letting others share the spotlight.

Welcome back Doctor!



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