Is it me? Easter Eggs



I likes fine an Easter Egg – in fact the chocolate holidays are my favourite because of the variety of sweet goods on offer – but when is someone finally going to say what we’re all thinking? Well right now since you ask –  Stop ripping us off!

As you toddle up and down the aisles of your local supermarket you will have taken in all the splendour of the range of Easter Eggs from the good people of Cadbury, Nestle, Lindt and Thorntons. Like a cheeky wee dollybird in Amsterdam they tease you by just showing enough to get you interested and you go to grab it and then you see the price. (not a personal story obviously…I was told by a friend. Honest)

In which universe can you justify charging £10 for two bars of chocolate and a hollow chocolate egg? If you walk further through the store you will come to the confectionary aisle which allows you to buy three chocolate bars for a third of the price. We’re being had, we know we’re being had, and they know we know we’re being had. By Tuesday all these eggspensive (sorry) sweets will be reduced to a couple of pounds each and still we don’t question the overinflated prices.

The wee kids ones are fine at £1 or £1.50 each because children love the gift and the fun involved, but these so-called luxury eggs for us adults are taking the piss. For example I looked at the Thorntons Continental selection egg – because I’m classy – and it was ten pounds. Yet I could buy a whole box of these chocolates for £6 just a dozen aisles further through the store. Lindt and their marketing over content are brandishing a wee egg, five chocolate hearts and a half-dozen truffles also at a tenner. Why do we fall for it every year?

Well I’m having none of it. I’ll wait until mid-week and get my revenge by taking a dozen crème eggs for a quid and a couple of on sale luxury eggs for good measure.



Thoughts? Then share them!

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