Trip to the courts


kerb trip From BBC Website

Right that’s it I’ve had enough. Line up these idiots so I can slap them please. PC Kelly Jones trips over a kerb and is now suing the owner of the garage where it happened. The kerb in the picture above is obviously highly dange…no it’s just a f*cking kerb. This completely idiotic move is cynical and embarrassing to the police force as a whole. The spokesperson on the radio sounded affronted to have to talk about it and rightly so. Does this woman manage to walk around in general or does she take someone with her to shout “kerb” to her each time she approaches one?

Then there’s the bloody teachers whining and moaning about low-level behaviour being an issue in classrooms – deal with it. Chatting, mucking about, passing notes etc.. can be dealt with if you get a grip of yourself. The report goes on to say that teachers are having to put up with threats, physical violence and kids smoking out of classroom windows. Teachers are “scared” to report it – MAN UP! It’s your job! But in fairness the senior staff should support their staff and not constantly fear the parents.

When did we become so blooming wet in this country – we need a cup of man the f*ck up don’t we? The claim culture and the “rights” culture has gone too far now. Here’s something we need a “responsibilities” culture where people take responsibility for their actions and behaviour. If you trip over something stop blaming other people and pick yourself up and move on. If kids are misbehaving then discipline them – and if parents complain then tell them to sort themselves out too. Parents need to take a look at themselves before blaming teachers for their child’s behaviour.

Occasionally someone else will be to blame for things that happen in life, but more often than not it is us who are at fault. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to print off and keep in case you ever forget what to do when something goes wrong to yourself or someone around you:

1 – Get on with it

2 – Stop moaning and blaming others

3 – Accept that life isn’t always perfect and move on

There you go folks – a brand new idea I’m calling “Common Sense” as we can all share it and use it together. It might sound radical to younger readers but try it and see how you get on.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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