Comedy Crowds


The Crowd

We are a strange bunch, the comedy gig crowd. You just need to look around you and realise that you are a strange as the people you are sitting next to. With each comedian the crowd alters slightly, but over all we are a geeky and bizarre bunch.

You wonder where all these people are during the daylight hours sometimes, because they are the ones that are largely ignored in the work place, passed by in the street and isolated by the cool kids at school. We are the unseen undergrounders that hide away but keep things going when no-one else is looking. Comedy is something we appreciate because it allows us all to come together in the dark and laugh away at a well crafted routine or sketch. We developed a personality at school because we were never the best looking and we had to work out how to attract a mate somehow. Now we fill venues across the country as our leaders come to speak to us – we’re not a cult, just a movement of like-minded individuals who see life in a different way to you good-looking, shallow people.

Occasionally one of you “trendy” types leaks through and is promoted to be a leader – usually called Russell – and they attract the good-looking people into the group which is weird for us as we are usually allowed to wear our novelty T-shirts without fear of derision. A comedy top is usually a calling card, a sign of membership but these incomers turn up all dressed up for night out with hair combed and everything. Not the norm, but we’ll let you in if you return the favour to us occasionally – perhaps a music gig for a band we’ve liked for years but you’ve just discovered.

Yes we’re weird and we laugh at everything from puns to sharp satire; yes we occasionally shout out and are supported by our group to contribute and help out the leader type; and yes we keep quiet about these clandestine meetings we have and laugh ourselves silly – but it’s because you wouldn’t understand, it’s where we feel we belong and we’re not going to tell you our secret.

I love comedy gigs and comedy crowds – finally a place where all the weird kids have a place to feel they belong.


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