Worse than Thatcher?


David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher

Today the excellent Caitlin Moran used the hash tag #worsethanthatcher on Twitter and it raised an interesting question – is Camoron’s meddling worse that of Evil Meg?

NHS – Today’s Independent Newspaper lays out the argument really well that £20bn of cuts from today will see the NHS as we know it become gradually privatised – and we know how well privatisation works out, just ask rail workers. Putting everything out to tender is also going to strip the system of its dignity. This is arguably the greatest thing we ever achieved as a country yet we all stand back and allow it this to happen. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/farewell-to-the-nhs-19482013-a-dear-and-trusted-friend-finally-murdered-by-tory-ideologues-8555503.html

Education – a hobby-horse for me at the moment, the systems again are being tinkered with by those in charge. In England and Wales Gove (aka Pob) is slowly eroding the last good will of educators to leave us with old cassette machines ready to teach children by rote. This video from Gove vs. Reality is slightly over-dramatic but gets the point across http://t.co/jPjRXGJwS5 And up here in Scotland the Curriculum for Excellence has seen tens, if not hundreds of millions of pounds rearranging the furniture to leave us with the same old structure with new names. i.e. remove Standard Grade and pull down Int 1 & 2 to S3 & 4 – job done.

Benefits – Iain Duncan Smith today says that people can live on £53 pounds a week if they are on benefits. He also says that the bedroom tax is a positive thing to allow a fairer system for all. He also claims the Universal Tax Credit will see everyone benefit from a more streamlined approach to the welfare system. Wrong on all accounts. Those that the welfare system was created to support originally have just been condemned to a life below the poverty line.

Arts – As always in an economic dip the Arts are among the first to see budgets cut, but the one thing we all need to keep us going is theatre, comedy, film, art, dance and music. By cutting these and sports budgets you take away the one lifeline some people have as an escape from the misery. We know that these types of event actually see people spending money and keep the economy going by giving us a sense of identity.

Economy – Triple Dip recession because of a refusal from the Government to invest in the system or infrastructure. Even Thatch never cocked it up that badly.

Industry – Jobs continuing to leave our shores because it’s cheaper to set up factories and workshops in other countries. Factories are still closing across this country – the place where the industrial revolution was born.

Morale – This is the big one for me. When Thatcher was the PM we were angry, rioting and challenging. Camoron is so weak and feeble we can’t even summon up enough hatred to make a placard anymore. What he has done is sapped the last of our energy out of us with his blandness. No-one cares anymore. There is nobody on the opposition benches to look to – no ideology or guiding light for us to follow. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday we should stop looking for one person to rise up and save us. The irony was not lost on me being Easter Sunday.

It’s no longer a case of “would the last person to leave the UK please turn the lights out”, no-one can be arsed getting up off the sofa to put them on in the first place – not that we can afford the price of lighting or heating with the constant rises in fuel bills anyway.

So Caitlin – Worse than Thatcher? Yes. Because not only do the politicians not care anymore, but neither do we.


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