Apple is good to the core



Why do we love Apple so much? Lots of reasons really – the beautiful designs, the simplicity of their devices the accessibility of their stores and genius bar to name but a few.

When the iPod first reared it’s head back in the mid 2000s I was a bit sceptical as Apple and Mac didn’t have quite the cache it does today. The idea of having your entire record collection on one small machine did appeal though and for our wedding list the boss allowed me to pop one on  for someone else to buy it. My lovely sister obliged and I had a new gadget. From that point I was sucked in. I upgraded the iPod twice and then bought other versions for other purposes, then the Mini Mac and then the iPad.

It was the iPad that really had me as it was so simple yet allowed me to do all the fun things at the touch of a screen my PC didn’t do that well. The apps were simple and easy to use, there were great free apps and good apps recommending other apps. These pieces of tech changed the way I did things and now I only have the Now that’s what I call Music series on CD the rest of my music is stored on iPods, iPads and my PC. If I want a song it takes me less than a minute to find it and download it.

The top thing for me is the customer service the company gives. I’ve only used the store’s Genius Bar twice and both times I’ve been impressed with the way they have handled my requests. Today the iPad I bought the family was in to be looked at as the sound wasn’t working. After looking over it for ten minutes and one attempt at sorting the software the manager Greg just replaced it for me as it was still under warranty. This is what I call customer service. I once had issues with the late Comet of this parish and the hassle to replace a faulty TV was drawn out and involved me standing in the store until someone di something about it. Apple know that repeat business is the key to their future so they just get on with it. Also the staff are friendly without being pushy and have a good knowledge of all their stock.

Other companies need to look at the way Apple deal with the public. Yes at times they bring out new versions that are no better than the last model or the prices do seem high – but if the quality of service and product continues to be this high I wouldn’t consider another option.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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