Stop laughing – it’s not funny



Poor old Helen Flanagan, she’s only gone and got confused again. The headline from the Huffington Post says it all: “Helen Flanagan Has Hotel Evacuated After Mistaking Reflection For A Murderer”.

Yup she got confused between a reflection and a real human being – “I was absolutely terrified and thought I was going to die. The whole hotel had to be evacuated and put on security lockdown. They checked all the CCTV and the police were called, then I realised that it was just a reflection under the mirror. I tend to do really stupid things like that,” she revealed.

No, stop laughing, it’s not funny. Oi! I said stop it.

What concerns me most is that this made any kind of news – and I realise I’m just perpetuating the story by blogging about it – oh the irony! It continues to bemuse me that these people make money, serious money for being stupid for a living…and having big boobs of course.

The instant fame and fortune myth that is projected to our kids comes from this kind of celebration of pointlessness and it does worry me. I know that most parents and teachers would never use the likes of Ms Flanagan as an example of success – but she is. She is massively successful or absolutely nothing and regardless what any of us say she represents a sad precedent we set ourselves with the likes of Big Brother: Fame for Fame’s sake. How can we as a society tell our kids they need to get qualifications or a trade and a good job when they look at her and think why would I need this. I could go on X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent and make an arse of myself and I’ll make money.

Helen came from Coronation Street and while she may be a good actress (I don’t know I don’t watch the show) she should not be a standard for the rest of us to follow. I’m sure that she is a decent, lovely person who loves her family, was well brought up and has never harmed anyone in her life, this is not an attack on her – it’s an attack on us, the Great British Public. We bullied the girl for a week and a half last year on “I’m a celebrity” and now we wonder why she is still in the “news”.

I frequently speak to pupils who want to be famous, or be on TV and once we had a pupil who wanted to be a glamour model because of the money they made. It might take every kind of person to make this world of ours, but can we please raise the bar a bit higher for our kids please?



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