Trident – protecting us from what?


trident sub

Looking up the info on the four submarine system that we call Trident it baffles me slightly what the purpose is apart from the fact that we say we’ve got them. The figures are scary and impressive but don’t actually justify why they exist. 192 nuclear warheads per submarine are there to protect us from historical bad guys from the cold war. Today David Cameron said it was essential to keep and replace Trident as part of the UK’s defences against such states as Iran and North Korea but from all the evidence neither of those countries have the range to hit us – so what is the real purpose of it?

The thought that always goes through my head when I think about a nuclear strike is that if they don’t shoot incoming missiles down then it’s just a tit-for-tat retaliation because we’ll all be dead anyway. The other argument is that these rogue countries and states could sell or share their weaponry, but if that’s the case then there is even less we could do about it because we wouldn’t know where the threat was coming from.

At a potential £100 million pounds to replace the current system which has just over ten ears left in it, I’m not convinced a like for like option is the best use of the money. The Tories are sticking with it, Lib Dems want to look at other options, Labour are undecided and want to wait for the review on its future to be published, and the SNP want rid of it altogether. With no coalition of thought between the parties it’s hard to see where the decision will fall, but a decision will have to be made in the next few years so production can start and an overlap will allow coverage throughout.

With everything happening in the current economic situation there are huge questions whether it is the best way to spend our money. There is also the issue that we are not fighting or threatened by whole countries anymore its terrorist cells within other countries – sometimes allies – that we need to be concerned about. As we have seen throughout the Middle East and South Asia these groups hide within the main populous so how would we retaliate anyway.

For me there are too many questions unanswered yet to make a definitive choice, but with the clock ticking one needs to be made soon and I don’t pity whoever has to make that choice.


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