Fancy a stiff drink?



Any one for a COCK-tail? Cum on folks, wank a nice drink? This is the genuine follow up book to the man who showed you how to cook with semen, “Semenology” invites you to spruce up your cocktails with a dash of man goo and is a real book available on Amazon.

“In the book, Photenhauer provides semen storage and flavour enhancement tips, as well as plenty of deliciously titled recipes like the Macho Mojito, the Slightly Saltier Caviar and the Galliano Cum Shot.” – Huffington Post

Now just before you dismiss this out of hand consider what else we eat and drink and is it so strange really. We eat chicken and fish eggs without any real thought in fact caviar is a delicacy across the world. Then there’s milk. What on earth did the first person to taste milk think they were doing? Now we pour it on our morning cereal and top up our tea and coffee with it. Why is semen so different? Mr Paul Photenhauer asks as to consider it just another ingredient we can add to our taste palettes comparable to cheese or  wine in its complexity of taste.

Well Mr Photenhauer there are positives to ingesting your own partner’s seminal fluid. When pregnant as it can help those who have suffered from miscarriages or have fertility problems to have a safer pregnancy because it introduces more of the antigens that some women’s antibodies remove from the body. (Bet a man did that research)

But there are health risks with swallowing a random bartender’s spunk in your cocktails as viruses including Hep B & C, HIV, Chlamydia and other STIs. So if you don’t mind when I have my Martini I’ll have it stirred thanks.



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