The many visits of Jenna



It’s one of those evenings where we’ve had visits from Jenna – well she did have a sleep this afternoon and that always knocks her off her sleep at night.

Thankfully we haven’t been treated to the dance routine this evening which is a bit like Flashdance but wearing the hat and gloves from the picture above. It’s always a treat as she comes bursting though the door in the winter warmers busting a move to an inaudible track for a round three minutes before collapsing on the floor. This usually repeated a couple of times before she goes back to bed.

Tonight it’s been grumpy Jenna we’ve had the company of. First visit was to come and sit with us and watch TV, although last night’s Daily Show isn’t really her sort of thing. Then the second visit where she decided she didn’t like the choice of stories we left playing for her – such a discerning young lady she decided that Peppa would be a better option than Charley Bear. The latest – but probably not the last  – was because she was “scared”. This is part of Jenna’s own language where she tells you something that doesn’t actually mean what it does if you understand English.

“Jenna feeling bumpy” is a favourite expression when she needs a fart or can’t be bothered eating her tea; “Jenna very tired” means whatever you want me to do I really can’t be bothered but thanks; “Jenna scared” means I was bored and thought I’d come to find you for a huggle. Fair enough, once you learn to decipher the mystery codes it’s pretty easy to play along with her until she goes back to bed. It’s scary to see how manipulative they can be at such a young age – how do they learn all that before they’re even three years old? Do they have secret meeting round the back of the Wendy house at playgroup and get taught all this – or are there subliminal messages hidden in The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Now we’re giving her some Calpol as she’s a toasty wee thing and maybe that’s why she’s still rumbling about at the back of ten at night. Either that or she’s still trying to take over the world and just checking if we’ve gone to bed yet. She might have a secret lair somewhere in the house we don’t know about yet with secret drones all waiting for her arrival to the control centre…


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