Next Stop: Hypocrisy Central



Statement: My thoughts are with her family at this time, I’m not “glad” she’s dead.

Blog: So Ding Dong the witch is dead and all that – it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for…blah, blah, blah. I’m not going to waste my time celebrating the death of a frail old woman as that would be bad karma if nothing else. However I am now sitting back and looking at Facebook and Twitter statuses from those who used to dislike her and her politics saying “she was a great Prime Minister” and “inspiration”. To them I say you are hypocrites. Stop pretending you respected her or liked her and be honest – you didn’t like her but you’re not celebrating her death either.

I didn’t like the woman, her politics, the way she bullied her way across everything she did. She is responsible for creating a whole generation of people who believed that the individual was more important than society; she was happy to ride roughshod over industry and manufacturing in this country and as we now know those decisions are being reversed all the time reopening mines for metals and coal; she is the woman who decided that the Poll Tax should have a trail run in Scotland; she is Milk-Snatcher Thatcher; she is the one who released the national debt by opening up the credit system without real forethought of the future. I did not like what she stood for and I am not suddenly going to change my mind now she’s dead.

Just because her life has ended does not take away the fact that her shadow is still cast across us today in the current government and its policies. She gave us the modern style of politics where it is more presidential, she is the one who opened the door to being a “professional” politician, and she is the embodiment of the current Tory led coalition. The heartless attacks on the poor, disabled and poverty-stricken through benefit cuts are Thatcherism at its worst.

I will concede that she gave the country a kick up the arse when it sorely needed it in the early eighties, but for the Falklands she would not have had the chance to f*ck this country up in the following eight years. The economics and public attitude was against her before the conflict and because of her stance she became a hero – the exact opposite of Blair’s story where he was doing well, went to war and lost popularity. What she did from 84 – 90 was the start of the “me” society we live in today, a selfish inward looking country that forgot about the idea of community and of helping those less fortunate. Yes she opened up the housing market, but in the same move forgot to replace the much-needed social housing she sold off.

Her politics go against so much that I believe in, her attitude and aggressiveness were not admirable, they were rude and uncaring – and while I won’t be “dancing on her grave” as the Mail will accuse those of us on the left of doing, I will raise a glass to end of an era and the removal of one of the obstacles that could make this country “Great” Britain.


PS If someone shouted bundle at her graveside perhaps we could get rid of a few of the current lot as well?


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