Oh look what Bieber said – gaffaw


Anne Frank

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” – Justin Bieber in the Memorial book at Anne Frank’s House

Why are we surprised by his ignorance? Or by 1D Harry’s tweet about Thatcher and the subsequent replies? Or about the tweets before Christmas fro Beliebers during the Sandyhook shootings? I’ll give you a clue guys, they’re kids – famous kids at that and everything they say is read and passed on my millions of people around the world. I say stupid things everyday – sometimes online but with only a handful of people reading my posts or blogs it’s not an issue for me. So what is our (in general) reaction? To point and laugh and call him, them stupid.

I instead have pity for these people thrown into the limelight before their time with no-one round about them to explain the real world to them because they can’t experience it for themselves. These children, spoilt children with lots of money, hangers on and management don’t let them ever experience what it is to be a teenager, then the fans will have a go if they are not this cardboard cut-out two dimensional idea of perfection, critics will hit them with the latest stick handed to them and then idiots report it as news. It’s not news, it’s just a kid being a kid. “Oh but he’s 19 he should know better” not when you’ve lived in a bubble during your most formative years. Look at Michael Jackson – if he had been around as a contemporary of Bieber or 1D he would have been on these sites and said the same kind of silly things I’m sure.

I feel sorry for them. I know pity is not what many will feel, but I remember watching that Bashir Doc on Jackson and hearing the stories you stopped laughing very early on and started wondering what their families/management were doing to them all those years. Give him a break, he’s just a kid who doesn’t know any better.




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