A thought about tomorrow and Thatcher



Tomorrow will bring anger, resentment and protests from many because of what the woman stood for – I understand that completely and sympathise with the position. But regardless of that I hope that people have enough sense not to turn it into an embarrassment for this country by doing something that will be regretted.

I know there are numerous peaceful protests happening – from those who are to stand with their backs to the procession to those who will wear red as an opposition to her trademark blue. So I offer another option for those who don’t wish to celebrate her. Her most famous quote about “There is no such thing as society” although often misquoted and badly referenced was about the fact is if things go wrong it is not the fault of society and we shouldn’t look for an answer from the masses instead we should look inwards.

I disagree, there is such a thing as society and it is the voices and decency of the collective. The best way we can show the old girl she was wrong in her last moments of pomp and ceremony is to collectively ensure no-one steps over that line, that we as a community of good, hardworking people don’t lower ourselves to the levels of humiliation that those on the right, in the Daily Mail and the media are looking for to prove her right. Let the woman go in peace with her family and colleagues around her – despite what many say she is still a human being with a grieving family, we need to show we are not monsters as she so often was. By showing her compassion at the lowest point for her loved ones – something many were never shown by her – we will show her she was wrong.

If you didn’t like her ignore the funeral. Don’t tweet about it, don’t put anything on Facebook about it and don’t rise to the baiting of those who are waiting for the fall.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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