Teen Challenge Time…again


kevin and perry

What amazing thing are those crazy kids up to now? First they did the cinnamon challenge, there’s the “don’t cry” challenge on YouTube, the Harlem Shake and now the most ridonkulous of all – the condom challenge.

Yes you heard and it’s nothing to do with safe sex either – well unless once you’ve seen someone do it you’ll never want to have sex with them. The idea is simple yet disgusting – snort up and inhale a condom before pulling it out of your mouth. I know! Told you they were crazy – and f*cking stupid. I’m not putting a link up but if you really want just put “condom challenge” into YouTube and you’ll find it. Apparently you have to have Taylor Swift singing her song “22” on in the background as part of it too (as if you weren’t suffering enough) because of one of the first girls to do it made it a trend. Surely “Smells like teen spirit” would have been a more obvious choice?

Now the level-headed amongst you will be wondering how long it will be until we get the first hospital case or suffocation fro drunk dafties trying this, whereas the younger reader will be looking for a condom and be on iTunes as we speak. The internet has a lot to answer for – from Planking to Gangnam Style these trends that used to slowly work their way around are now beamed into people’s inbox and onto social media sites so everyone is doing it at the same time rather than finding out months later.

The strange thing is with the rise in STIs especially the huge rise in Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea statistics if they actually used them for what they were designed for there wouldn’t be so many diseased teenagers going about would there?



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