Another year older



Today’s Birthdays are: David Tennant, Hayley Mills,  Nathan from The Wanted, James Woods, Directors Edgar Wright and Eli Roth, Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Eric Roberts, Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Conan O’Brien, Rick Moranis, Jane Leeves and me.

Yes another year older, but still no bloody wiser. Birthdays used to be things of excitement and anticipation now I barely notice them and often forget how old I am having to remember my year of birth and then do the maths. Thirty Five is effectively half way there if we all get our three score and ten years on earth and that’s when you realise there’s still so much you want to do in life and half is gone already.

Having to work on your birthday isn’t the best either, I’m sure in some companies you get your birthday off but there’s no chance of that as a teacher. No just another day of expressionless faces and confusion – and that’s just the staff. Birthdays also used be the day you go the thing you really wanted or new clothes or gadget, but as an adult you don’t wait for these celebrations you just buy them as you want them. People then don’t know what to get you – and to be honest there’s nothing I really need. Not being ungrateful, just don’t have an affordable wish list!

The other issue with birthdays is you start wishing your life away by looking forward to the next “milestone” and for me that’ll be my 40th in 2018. And why do we constantly remind each other of these things, I mean would you walk up to someone on their birthday and say “Well you’re one step closer to being dead then!” ? Of course not but it’s almost the implication when you remind them they are reaching the next birthday ending in a zero.

I much prefer celebrating other people’s birthdays than my own; the presents, the parties and the fun. How will I spend mine? Working all day, home to the family for a feed, then feet up and watch the telly. Rock and Roll! out tomorrow for a bite to eat and catch a show – that’ll do me.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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