Can I have my Childhood back please?



Please stop ruining my childhood and taking away all the people who were a big part of it please? Rolf Harris was someone you could sit down and watch with your parents, because they had watched him for years too. Now we’re told he’s been question as part of Operation Yewtree on accusations of sexual offences.

Our 1970s & 80s childhoods are slowly being demolished in front of our eyes as Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr, Dave Lee Travis and now Rolf are being splashed across the media – yet none have been arrested and charged yet. Are they guilty or are we just tarnishing reputations?

I know what I’m about to say is controversial but here goes. These accusations are coming from a different time and culture, and while not excusable there needs to be collective step back here and actually look at the facts involved. Saville is a completely inexcusable case and I would never be an apologist for him. For the others though there has been no accusations of any minors being involved but because of the nature of the press and the Yewtree umbrella being used these other names are being dragged down with him. All we know is they are accused of sexual offences.

We do not know what the specific accusations are in these cases yet it is reported as if they were all guilty and any name that pops up is just accepted now as a guilty one. This was a different time in which there were these groupies all round the stars and some of them perhaps took advantage of the situation and now regret it, or maybe they were attacked in some way and now feel they can come forward. Why is all the focus on these stars while the accusers can hide in the shadows of anonymity without any challenge to their accounts of things that happened forty years ago?

I’m worried that this is becoming a pitchfork and torches affair with names being released before any evidence is in place. Are we really going to chase down an old man for a grope he had three decades ago? While unacceptable by modern standards was it seen as the same then? Today we have laws and policies on sexual harassment and all levels of what is under sexual offences but we didn’t then and perhaps all is not as black and white as we are being told. John Peel married a 15 year old, yet this is ignored by his legions of fans because “it was a different time”, could the same not be said of some of these cases?

If they are guilty of a genuine crime I hope they are dealt with appropriately, however if (as has already happened) they are released without charge there needs to be a cleaning of the slate with them to help restore their reputations.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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