Buzzin’ Man!



Watch the video here: (NSFW)

Durex Australia are releasing a new type of underwear that you can control on your SmartPhone – so long distance relationships will now be more than just FaceTime.

The premise is that if you and the main squeeze want to get busy while you’re apart, you can put on the Fundawear and buzz each other via iPhones. You simply drag your fingers across an app diagram of the body parts you want to stimulate remotely. Wires and sensors convey what actual touch cannot. – Huffington Post

Now as a fan of gadgets I thought I’d consider the pros and cons of this idea. My analysis may not be scientific or in fact practical in any way. But that’s never stopped me before.


  • You could start foreplay early – or in fact bother with it for once while still watching the TV.

  • If you can do it through hacking people’s Bluetooth, going out to the cinema would interesting and shopping would finally be interesting for men.

  • If she says she’s got a headache get her to put the pants on her head and activate. Win-win.

  • You could have a laugh by setting off at random times throughout your day – at work, in the car, at a funeral, you know those sorts of things.

  • Men would finally have an excuse if they were on a bus and…you know…just blame it on the pants; much less embarrassing.

  • Technically you could please someone else’s partner without cheating on yours – hours of fun in the pub or at a beginners swingers do

  • You could communicate with your own secret codes in public – you know left breast buzz means “help I’m speaking to someone boring” at a party, or right testicle buzz means “I can’t remember his name, help me out”

  • If your husband unknown to you cross-dresses by stealing your pants, you could discover by setting a simple trap with these pants


  • Can you reach climax or would you electrocute yourself?

  • If a man accidentally wore them back to front does that make him legally gay?

  • When accessing their own pair, men would never get anything done and their Phones would be constantly out of battery

  • You really need to buy these as a set for him and her otherwise cashiers will judge you

  • If there’s a passing taxi it could set yours off accidentally

  • If you lose your phone it could cause trouble if whoever finds it is better than you at pleasing your partner

Hmmm on balance not convinced it’s the best idea. Although if they came with an interactive DVD it could solve the problem of what to get for your single friend’s birthday.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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