Why are so many Audi drivers knobs?


audi drivers

It used to be the BMW drivers that were the rudest and most aggressive on the road, but in the last few years Audi drivers are really trying to prove there is no-one as arrogant as them.

This is a sweeping statement you say – well think about the last idiot who didn’t let you out of a junction, or overtook when they shouldn’t, or sat up the back of your car and you’ll probably find it was an Audi driver. Why though? Well they are the business car of choice these days with so many deals around companies are snapping them up and dishing them out to their staff. They are obviously very important people and that explains why they have no patience to wait for two seconds for you to get round a corner before revving and overtaking you.

This morning I popped into the Tesco at Westhill to get a sandwich for lunch and as I was leaving a nearly empty car park Mr Audi overtook someone else at speed and had to brake suddenly to turn into the opening I was coming out of. Why? What benefit was there in this for the two seconds of difference it made to his life – and it’s always a “he” when it’s an Audi Arsehole as well I’ve noticed. Then as I got the exit another Audi was speeding along the road at double the limit when there were only a handful of offices in front of him. It’s not just today either more often than not when there’s an angry or aggressive driver it’s one of them. As I go along the dual carriageway to work they speed along it weaving gin and out of the cars to get to work first – bit of advice boys leave earlier you won’t have to rush.

If it’s a company car they obviously don’t care about thrashing it at every opportunity and ignoring anyone else on the road – or is it just that once you get to that middle management position  in business and they give you the keys you have to go on a course to become an arse? They never let you out at junctions or on roundabouts and they are often short men too, with designer sunglasses on even when it’s raining. Unless the rules have changed then they have no more right to be on the road than anyone else. You can tell they don’t own the car because if they did have a motor like that and they had paid for it they would have the compulsory personal number plate that doubles their dickhead status.

Road Rage – no just Audi rage!




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