May Contain Nuts



Packets of Monkey Nuts have been recalled by the supermarket Booths’ – that’s 350g Whole Hearted Roasted Monkey Nuts in case you were wondering – because they company failed to put a warning on the packaging that “this product may contain nuts.” I wish that was a joke, but it’s nut!

Don’t worry this isn’t a  “It’s political correctness gone mad” blog because there are many things in this life that need to be pointed out to idiots as often as possible, but there must come a point where common sense prevails. Do you remember when we all had it naturally and it wasn’t given to us by signs? No, I’m struggling to as well unfortunately. My favourite one that always makes me laugh is the signs above hot taps in toilets that say “Warning: water may be hot” because it assumes you’ve never been to taps before.

It’s all part of the American litigious society model that we have adopted over here; that someone always has to be to blame for things – you know what, sometimes shit happens folks. Deal with it. I read with increasing frequency that judges are starting to throw out ridiculous law suits that are more at home on Judge Judy than in a genuine court of law. The claim culture is all around us because it’s a great way for everyone to make money – or so the abusers of the system and the companies behind them think. There is only so much money around and with people suing schools and hospitals for minor issues they seem to forget where that money comes from. If people make a claim against a company then that cost is always passed on to the customers at the other end. That’s why we are always looking at increasing premiums for house and car insurances because of the amount of claims (real and fraudulent) that people make.

It’s like the roads. Local councils are paying out more money than they have to fix all the potholes on our roads and more people who claim the bigger the problem becomes. So many streets in Aberdeen are in a terrible state but to constantly whine, moan and make claims doesn’t actually solve the problem. We all want the best service possible, but like in a restaurant or hotel if you want the best service you’ve got to pay for it and as soon as anyone mentions tax increases there is a public outcry.

We need to get the balance right between accepting that sometimes bad things happen to good people and that there are liabilities that companies and providers have to the public if they are neglectful.


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