My Daughter: The Streaker


Phillies Cardinals Baseball

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you dress her Jenna does not see the need for clothes. Her bare arse running around with maybe a hat and slippers for company is not an uncommon sight in the house at the moment.

Jenna is now out of nappies and making the most of it – to be fair to her she isn’t having too any accidents and she’s slept through the night without a problem twice out of three nights. Clever girl.  The issue is that now she doesn’t have to have the nappy on she has decided she doesn’t need anything on at all. She’ll come through in the morning to say hello, trot off back to her room to reappear naked apart from a cuddly toy to cover her modesty. You can shower and dress her but it’s really a waste of time as you find clothes thrown all over the house and can just hear the giggle as she runs round the corner to wiggle her bum at you.

We never had this kind of problem with Jake – he does occasionally pull his trousers down and smack his bottom at you but he’s not into naturism in the way his sister seems to be. Walking into the living room it’s not uncommon to find her sitting on the settee with the iPad in the buff. I blame TV myself – too many cartoon characters are walking about without clothes on or just half-dressed. Both Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh seem to be happy to get their top halves dressed and just let their posteriors enjoy the fresh air – it’s a dangerous precedent for our little girl to see all the time.

So alongside her evil plans to take over the word she seems intent on doing it in her birthday suit – be warned if she’s successful in her quest to conquer our planet it’s the way we’ll all have to live.




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