The Voice



Caught The Voice last night for the first time this series and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. The blind auditions are such a great idea as it allows those who don’t “look” like pop stars a chance at being one.

As always the simple ideas are the best ones and this is a corker. Whenever I do catch audition rounds of talent shows I often close my eyes to listen more to the vocals as that is how we generally absorb music through radio or recordings. The issue with the show is once they’ve seen them they then style them, give them a makeover and so on, therefore hiding the important element under a façade. I understand that the visual is important especially in the younger end of the market where looks sell as much as the song does, but it’s still sad that it requires that part. Based on vocals alone last year’s final four were the wrong ones. Why? Because by that point we’d bought into the whole package and forgotten the purpose of the show.

We don’t need the sob stories, the hair and make up and staging nonsense that you get on X Factor to know if someone can sing. It’s a shame that the audience gets to see them at all because we’d probably end up with a different winner after the public vote – wouldn’t make great TV though – but it would make a much more honestly chosen winner.

I seriously considered auditioning for the show this year – I applied but then decided against going to the audition itself; just chickened out in the end I suppose. There were several reasons I thought about doing it, mostly curiosity to see the process behind the scenes of one of these types of programmes and find out at what stage you actually get near the on-air section. Also I’d love to have a go and see if anyone actually turned round for me if I did get there. I’m under no illusion that I’m a brilliant singer – I know that I can hold a tune and enjoy singing – but without looking at me would they hear something that was worth developing in there. Again I’m not deluded enough to think I’d ever do that well if I did get through but the adventure might be worth it next year.

I suppose having sung with a band for the last decade and a half I’m interested to see if I am just a karaoke/function singer or if there is more to it. I’d have Tom as a coach I think because he has such a great voice that he would have the knowledge to bring the best out of someone’s singing and help with hints, tips and years of advice – plus the chance to sit down with Sir Tom and talk about his life would be an opportunity too good to miss.

Will I have the courage to do it next year? Probably not, but I’ll sit and watch the rest of the series now to see how this lot do.


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