My Brain Hurts



Mondays are not the best in a normal week, but today was a real mental challenge trying to keep up with everything around me.

I was at a marathon interview – no not for the 26.2 mile race or the oil company – but a presentation, interview, two further meetings and a psychometric test. I’m used to having to think on my feet and using my brain through most of the day but even this was a challenge for first thing in the week. Everyone I met was lovely and friendly and even the main interview and presentation went well, but having to constantly filter what I said, answer their questions while thinking and of course stop myself from making smart ass comments was a real challenge.

I really hate interviews as it shows up my worst quality – I ramble too much. My brain runs off in fifteen directions at once but I’m aware of that and can pull everything back in but trying to do that when three people are taking notes in front of you and judging you is a tough one. I’m used to speaking in front of people and them judging but this is a different thing because you are talking about yourself – the good things about yourself at that. I come from stock that is more likely to rip the piss out of myself and play down any achievements and successes to instead pull out a soda siphon and spray myself with it while shouting “Me Stoopid”.

I don’t know if it’s the “British Disease” of the stiff upper lip or if it’s just me but I hate people who sit and talk confidently about themselves and what they’ve done – to me it sounds cocky and arrogant a lot of the time. I know that I have achieved a huge amount in my life and career so far – many of which I am hugely proud of – but it feels alien for me to sit and reel that off without wanting to top halfway through and apologise for being a dick. And I know that they want to hear all the things and if done in the right tone and style it is fine and not as wanky as I think  it is. I just don’t enjoy the process.

I’d be happy if I was offered it, but I’m pleased to get down to the final five at interview because the other candidates seemed really nice and as capable of the job as I am. You never know exactly what they are looking for in these situations and when I found out one of the other interviewees was already in post on a temporary basis I did wonder if it was already signed and sealed – just have to wait for the verdict which could take up to a week and a half.

I know it’s a good experience but not one I want to be repeating too often.




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