Muck Up Day


Muck up day

It’s that time of year again where the cling film is out, the fish are behind the radiators and the water pistols are on the go. Our seniors come to school for the last time only to be thrown out by first break for being drunk. It’s Muck Up Day 2013 tomorrow so let the shenanigans begin.

This year our lot are going with an army theme apparently so we’re expecting the usual water pistols and water balloons – my only hope it that they are sensible enough not to make a lot of mess around the school because it’s the jannies and cleaners that have to sort that out. I never see the point in making a mess like that because you don’t punish the teachers that way  – just those on minimum or lower wages which isn’t fair at all. If it’s all good-humoured no-one minds it. There’s always a few who take it too far and we’ve had people in the past having stones thrown off them and others getting beaten up which isn’t cricket old boy.

Thinking back to our last day in ’96 at Bankhead we were pretty tame really. Tied balloons to all the cars in the car park, had silly string fights and wandered around the school to say goodbye to all our favourite teachers. We did conga our way through the staff rom a couple of times with party poppers which was a laugh seeing the teachers’ faces. It’s such a strange day because you’ve been institutionalised for thirteen or fourteen years and that is the last day you really have such a support system around you – next step is the big bad world where no-one holds your hand and guides you anymore. It’s exciting because it’s the start of the next chapter of your life and the adventures abroad or at Uni or work lie ahead, but saying goodbye to a group of people you have grown up with is bittersweet because although you weren’t great friends with them all they have been a huge part of your life. You’ll keep in touch with a lot of them but others will just be Facebook updates for the rest of your life.

This is a strange one for me too as a teacher because this will be the first year group I’ve seen go from little annoying first years right through to big annoying sixth years – and if things in the pipeline happen the way I want them to, it could be my last one too. Six years of watching these kids grow up and become young adults. Some teachers are as miserable as ever and cast them off saying the next lot will be in soon and they’ll be forgotten, but you are part of their school experience and I think you should respect that to them this is an important day.

I’m sure I’ll have to deal with a few rather drunk kids tomorrow as I believe there are breakfast cocktails on the go – might gate crash and take my own water pistol 😉

Here’s to the Class of 2013 – Good luck to most of you and good riddance to the rest! 😛



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