Clock Watching


Clock Watching

I don’t know if it’s because I’m leaving or if it’s because without the seniors there’s no banter and conversation to be had – but I’m clock watching and wishing my life away at the moment.

The more you watch the slower it goes as we are all aware. To me it feels like it’s going backwards at some points if moving at all. I don’t think the good weather at the moment helps matters either as you spend the days looking out the window wishing you were sitting out there in the sun kicking your heels back and reading a book with a cocktail on the go.

There is one more thing to really look forward to in a few weeks when we go to Italy with a group of kids for activities week. The staff going are great and the kids are grand too so I look forward to seeing the Colosseum, Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples again – definitely one of my favourite places in the world. With moving last year it might be the only foreign trip for me this year – but it’s far from a holiday when you are entertaining fifty pupils in one of the busiest cities in the world. But you take the perks you can in teaching!

The problem with a new start as this change of job brings, is that I’ve still got nine weeks of this place to survive first. Can I suffer the bickering and moaning and name calling and constant snide remarks? And that’s just the staff…

Joking aside it is a thought to be leaving this place after five and a half years of getting to know pupils, parents and the staff. In teaching your classroom is your second home and the new job isn’t going to have that one place I can connect to in the same way. The people here have been supportive and many I would class as friends and I hope to keep in touch with. Some former pupils are connected with me on social networking sites and it’s great to see their successes and developments at uni, college and in work.

As the minute’s tick by on this clock, the realisation of walking away from this place are sinking in. Think I’ll miss it.


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