A bit more Fry & Laurie please


fry and laurie

These two men are fantastically talented, too talented really for their own good. One was the highest paid TV actor and in the most watched show worldwide, the other is a British institution dare we say National Treasure and they just make us feel good whatever they do.

Hugh is a great actor as anyone who followed his path as Gregory House for eight seasons will attest to. He broke our hearts, made me laugh with his quips and ultimately care for one of the most unlikable self-centred characters on TV. Beyond House he impressed in Peter’s Friends, Maybe Baby and was a great henchman to Glenn Close’s Cruella in 101 Dalmatians. Add to that his wickedly black “The Gun Seller” bestselling novel and his two Blues albums Let them talk and Didn’t it rain show what an accomplished musician he is. Anytime you see him interviewed he comes across as a clever, witty and self-deprecating man who loves what he I doing, especially with his music.

Stephen is always referred to as a polymath and it is an apposite label to put on the writer, actor, presenter, director, public speaker and raconteur. His love of gadgets and technology combined with his knowledge as exhibited on QI makes him a complex and rich character. His passion for words came across brilliantly in his Fry’s Planet Word series on BBC2 a couple of years ago was fantastic and his ability to speak with authority and conviction has been seen many times – but never more so than in the debate about the Catholic Church alongside the late Christopher Hitchens – it was such a great, honest and accurate summary that even those in the audience who were from the church itself couldn’t help applauding his candour and arguments.

So my question is when will the two combine again because I miss the combination of these fantastic talents? I don’t really mind if it’s more A Bit of Fry and Laurie or just a series where the two travel and discuss the world together because they do bring the best out in each other. When the channel Gold reunited them for a chat about their sketch series you could see the trust and relationship which can’t be faked and to see this back on our screens in a documentary or in a new comedy drama series it would criminal not to combine the two again. Throw in Emma Thomson and co. for good measure and then you’ll have the old gang back together and who wouldn’t want to see that?


Thoughts? Then share them!

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