Fat Chance


Paul Mason

Paul Mason was once dubbed the “World’s Fattest Man” and at 70 stone it is hard to argue that this probably was the case. After losing around ten stone himself he then was fitted with a gastric band and now weighs 24 stone – 8 stone of that is the excess skin that he is carrying from losing the weight.

The NHS wants him to show that he can maintain this weight loss before operating on him to remove the excess skin – but then there are several issues with that. One is that by removing the skin he will weigh 16 stone – that’s a loss of 54 stone in total, I think he’s proved he means it! I understand that they want to see his weight plateau because they can’t replace the skin once it’s taken but this poor guy has fought hard to reduce his weight and now he needs the encouragement to go on and live a healthier lifestyle.

Many will say it’s his own fault that he looks the way he does, and he concurs, but if you consider that daft bitch Jodie Cunningham that thanked the NHS a couple of months back for her new boobs (see this blog for details http://wp.me/pJh58-iG) you do wonder if they couldn’t at least start the process and give him a chance at success. Also the same people who will say he shouldn’t get support from the NHS will be same people that shouted at the TV for him to lose weight – he seems to lose either way with some people.

I think him coming forward to pose naked for photos to show the real damage that can be done to your body is brave and I hope that people with the ability to support and help him are there to ensure he reaches his target weight of 15 stone. There is a big back story about him, his issues that made him balloon in size, but for me the important thing is he did something about it and his story is a sad one. He realises the mistakes he’s made and is now trying to sort himself out – if we consider some operations that are done like liver transplants on former alcoholics and medically unnecessary cosmetic surgery then I think Paul has a case here to get at least the first stages of skin removal.

He now wants to help others and return the support he has been shown and this should be encouraged and commended and I hope he achieves all his ambitions. Well done Paul.


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