Psychic BS


Sylvia Browne

This is Sylvia Browne and according to her press she is “The world-renowned Psychic and Spiritual teacher” (To be honest I thought it was Grayson Perry when I saw the photo…) and unfortunately she failed to predict that she would be found out this week in a very embarrassing way.

In 2004 she appeared on the Montel Williams show in the US and spoke with Amanda Berry’s mum Louwana telling her  “She’s not alive, honey. Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.” I might be wrong but wasn’t she discovered this week to be very much alive and well and escaped from her captors along with three other girls? So how do you think this psychic responded to the news when questioned? Well:

“If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time. Only God is right all the time.”

Really? For me people like this and other so-called psychics and mediums are money vampires preying on the vulnerable and grieving; only interested in sucking up all your money to make themselves rich. They constantly come forward to help the police but their “visions” are so random and vague they are open to such a wide interpretation that they can be seen or twisted to be right. From Derek Acorah to Doris Stokes there is a long history of these charlatans taking money from people to tell them news from “the other side”.

A few pointers to those that are not agreeing so far – not one so-called psychic has EVER managed to replicate their “skill” in a controlled scientific experiment. Not even a little bit. No evidence at all. “Oh but when I went to see one….” The problem is that nobody would go to a clairvoyant or psychic unless they were missing something from their lives or looking for an answer. All these people do is the same as a magician or mind reader combining it with the kind of cold reading skills the like of Derren Brown uses in his shows. Recently it was revealed on Twitter by a Mr D Brown that everyone favourite Psychic Sally actually used an earpiece on stage as did all her people – now as Mr Brown of London points out this could be for any number of reasons but I think we all know the truth – they are liars and con artists of the worst kind.

These people prey on the weaker members of society and feed their wallets and egos while fobbing the public off with general comments so unspecific that the customer will find something in what they say because they are looking for an answer, a reason or a connection to a loved one. I find that kind of behaviour deplorable. To deliberately lie to someone who is struggling in their lives to overcome the loss of someone close to them is something I think should be banned by law. In fact the law on these types of “entertainers” have to include disclaimers under the 2008 Consumer Protection Regulations Act which replaced the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 which itself replaced the Witchcraft Act of 1735. Perhaps the original title gives you a clue to how seriously we should take these things.

The “real” psychics claim that they are being punished for having a religion – but this is not a religion and the brutal truth is they cannot see into the spirit world because it doesn’t exist. As Eddie Izzard points out if there were really ghosts in the world why would they only be human? Where are all the cows and sheep and chickens that outnumber us? “We all have the gift, it’s just I know how to access it” and Visa it, Cheque it and cash it. I have a real dislike for these kinds of people and I would be happy to sit in the audience of one of these shows or one to one (if someone else bought the ticket of course or paid for a session) record it and dissect the whole thing – but I don’t need to, numerous others have done it before and have seen it for what it is: shite.

I feel sorry for those who go along and are conned out of their money because they are missing something important in their life and rather than deal with it by speaking about it and learning to come to terms with it they go to these vultures instead and are told lies to help them cope instead. So if you get the urge, give me a shout instead. I don’t claim to have powers but I do have Google and a magic 8 ball so it’s going to be as accurate.


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