I’ve learnt something today…


Stan and kyle

Like Stan and Kyle I’ve learnt something today – the written word doesn’t always come across in the way that it should.

It’s so difficult on here, on emails & texts and on social media to always get your point across in the way that you meant it. Without seeing someone’s face and eyes you cannot always tell the tome of someone’s words. This is something I find most often on Twitter where 140 characters often leads to a simple statement being misinterpreted or misunderstood – and never more so with humour or sarcasm. You take for granted the interactions we have with family and friends that is removed as soon as you cannot see or hear them.

Over the last couple of days I’ve had several tweets from people who read my blog on Barbara Hewson’s comments on the age of consent. What some people didn’t get was my point that discussion is important in these kinds of issues because you have to open conversations up to make decisions. Some of the tweeters mistook my responses for the start of an argument, or a personal attack when all I was trying to do was look at what she had said and comment on it from my own point of view. They then somehow mistook me for some kind of evil bastard who hated children and was happy for others to abuse them with my blessing. You can see how these mistakes happen though can’t you 😉

Is that the solution? Put a smiley face, or winking emoticon after every sentence so you can read it clearly? Grow up! We can have an open a frank discussion without fingers being pointed. The same happened when I suggested the Richard Littlejohn was a c*nt and people misunderstood the fact I meant it, or with equal rights for Gay Marriage that I was an open minded human being and not a bigot from a 1970s Sitcom. People are sitting out there in the Twittersphere just waiting to pounce from their Daily Mail reading to attack anyone who fails to agree with them. I don’t always fully agree with statements I make on here – sometimes they are made to make you think or challenge me but not to point out the f*cking obvious and fail to engage the brains they were(n’t) born with. I got to the point where I got too snippy with one and had to apologise which I don’t want to do again.

So what I learned today is how to block idiots on Twitter and I feel better already. I’ve had a few really interesting chats with people who have different views and ideas, some with the same views as Barbara Hewson (Who very kindly tweeted me) and some like me who are interested in the discussion but don’t proclaim to know all the answers. Those are the people I’m happy to discuss ideas with and always will be – the trolls and shit stirrers are not welcome.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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