Space Oddity


Chris Hadfield

Canadian Chris Hadfield has become an internet celebrity for his tweets, interactions and videos that he has sent back to earth from the International Space Station. His obvious love for his job and the way he tries to connect with others is fantastic.

The first Canadian in space he was inspired by the Moon landings in 1969 to become an astronaut like many young boys at that time did, but through his time with the Canadian Armed Forces he worked hard and continued with his love of flight through to his selection to be one of for astronauts from Canada to be chosen by Canadian Space Agency to work with NASA. During his time he has been the voice of ground control to numerous space shuttles, developed parts for the shuttles themselves, become an expert in robotics, trained and guided other astronauts and engaged fully with all the work that he dreamt of as a child.

To celebrate his last days on the International Space Station he recorded the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” and made a video in which we see the world going past behind him as he sings the classic.


Not only is he a good singer but his love of music is clear and the video is astonishing as it shows space, planet earth and life on the Space Station in such a new way that we haven’t seen before. The images and the image of the lone man in space makes it poignant too.

It must be an amazing thing to realise your nine year old self’s dream and to then go on and share that with the world through tweeting, making videos and taking part in a music performance live from space across Canada with Ed from the Barenaked Ladies to celebrate Music Monday a wee while back is a great way to spend your life. He was asked if he would be willing to be the person to go on the one-way trip to Mars he said that it would be “an honour” to be asked. We couldn’t have a better person to do it. He could record Life on Mars on that journey for us.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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