Eurovision Wrong Contest



You know that point when you’re watching a sit-com or show you once loved and you hear the trademark catchphrase and wonder why you are still watching it? That’s how I feel about Eurovision.

It does no harm to anyone but is it really worth the airtime or attention is continues to get from the BBC? Twenty years ago or so we had a laugh with it – Michael Ball, Sonia and Gina G all camped it up in great style and the whole thing was as mad as a box of frogs, but now there’s a business in there and a seriousness that really doesn’t fit with what is essentially a poll of who loves and hates who politically.

**Sorry had to stop typing and go and search Gina G – I had such a crush on her when I were a lad**

Anyway, where was I – yes it was camp. Wogan was wicked with his loving mocking and the whole thing felt like a party – now we trundle out acts from yesteryear that have nothing (more) to lose and give them ballads that would embarrass Westlife. Bonnie Tyler is a Rock Ballad singer give her a big rock song not a Cliff Richard reject from 1983 please. Georgia decided they wanted to win it so much this year that they bought in the writer of Sweden’s winner from last year ot write theirs for them; is it really that important?

Why is the UK still involved because the last time I checked we are producing most of the biggest acts in European music anyway, why would we worry if we won it or not with Emeli¬†Sande, Ed Sheeran, Take That, One Direction, JLS, Jessie J and many more topping the charts and filling stadia all over Europe what is it we’re trying to prove? There is no fun anymore with few of the countries even singing in their native languages as most sing in English as it’s a common language and one that will sell records. It may be slightly racist or xenophobic but the joy was trying to decipher the songs in a foreign tongue by the staging, facial expressions and the dancers involved. It’s too polished and perfect now to even sit and laugh at.

Two semi-finals and then a final on top means around eight hours of your life lost if you watch the whole thing only for Norway and Sweden to throw each other a mid range score to keep the peace. I won’t be watching it and couldn’t care if Tyler wins either, and if I was her I’d rather be remembered for Total Eclipse of the Heart and Holding out for a Hero anyway. Nil Points from me.


PS: Seriously Gina was a hottie.

Gina_G Gina+G

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