Charles Ramsey: Viral star, tattoo and action figure



When Charles Ramsey appeared all over our TVs and on YouTube he was an instant hit with his straight talking and funny view on his role in the rescue of the three girls in Cleveland. Now he’s become a star and is in even more unusual places.

If you still haven’t seen the video of his interview click here and enjoy the man’s wonderful descriptive account of his small part in the rescue of the girls. What I love is that the American media tried to find some dirt on him but he came out of it unharmed by clarifying he was only one of those involved in the neighbourhood in helping the girls and has refused any reward money stating it should go to the three girls and their families. He comes across as a thoroughly decent guy. (famous last words eh?)

Beyond the interview he is appearing on chat shows and news shows because he is a personality, but there is a problem with being like Ramsey – while he doesn’t want any money from this experience, others are more than happy to cash in on his new found fame. The now obligatory auto tune version of his interview is online, and in Cleveland someone got a tattoo of him on their thigh – so far just daft things. Then there’s those who are making money out of him like Herobuilders a company who specialise in making custom action figures – they are charging $40 for a talking doll of him holding a burger, in homage to his McDonald’s story. I’m sure Mr Ramsey and his family won’t see any of that money. Neither will he get anything from the t-shirt sales that are doing the rounds either.

While he is adamant that he doesn’t deserve any financial reward for his role he does need to ensure others don’t profit off his back. I’d like someone to step in and support him to ensure he doesn’t just become another capitalist casualty. We know that McDonalds have already been in touch with him to say they want to recognise what he did and others will be in there to try and get some publicity off the back of Mr Ramsey but as the man says himself:

Ramsey says he knows he did a “good deed” but he’s finding it difficult to live with the fact that the three girls were being held against their will next door to him for so long. After retelling the story he originally relayed the night before, Ramsey reacted to the internet sensation he has become, with the anchor asking him what it’s like to be “hashtag Charles Ramsey.”

“I don’t even want it,” Ramsey said of the attention. “They keep saying I’m a hero. Let me tell you something, I’m an American, and I’m a human being. I’m just like you. I work for a living. There was a woman in distress, so why turn your back on that?” – From interview with NBC affiliate WKYC-TV

He’s obviously feeling a sense of guilt for realising sooner and that must be tough for him to live with because he’ll feel he could have done something sooner. He’s one of life’s good guys. Please let’s not allow others to exploit him.



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