Help! I’ve been kidnapped (by myself)



I remember this feeling from when I was a little kid, but to still feel this way as a 19 year old is a shame.

“A college student in suburban Atlanta is accused of faking his own kidnapping to avoid telling his parents he was failing a class” – Huffington Post

The student, Aftab Aslam, decided to run away and camp out on the street to avoid telling his parents he wasn’t doing well in school – problem was it got cold and he had to come home. He had bought a mobile so he could text his folks to let them know he’d been kidnapped. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad that he felt that way. Now the police and authorities are to charge him with wasting police time alongside other charges.

I remember a couple of occasions when I was at Primary school when I felt like that – I think most kids do at one point or another – where running away seems preferable to facing up to your parents anger. I doubt though I would have faked my own abduction. For some kids like me it was a case of avoiding getting into more trouble at home than whatever punishment the school handed out – also the feeling of letting your parents down is a difficult one. I see that with our two kids where they know they’ve done something wrong and they don’t want to be given into trouble. Often I’ll have Jenna shadowing me round the house for half an hour apologising after she’s been caught doing something wrong as the cry of “Daddybear!” rings out on repeat.

It also shows that some kids must be under terrific pressure from parents to resort to this kind of action rather than face them. It’s something you sometimes see in schools where the kid tries their best and just can’t do the work – they are disappointed and your reaction as a parent is to say that everything’s fine and as long as you tried your best it’s okay, but some parents don’t accept that which is a shame. I know from my point of view I’d rather a kid tried and failed than didn’t try at all; not all kids are good at everything and I don’t want to live my life through my kids either trying to rewrite my own history through them. I will always encourage and if they ask for advice I’d happy pass it on to them, but my two need to make their own choices.

Not to say that if homework isn’t done their gadgets and treats won’t be taken away!



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