How soon you forget!



I think we’d both forgotten what a challenge potty training was, but bless her Jenna is happily reminding us what a damp and messy business it is.

Jenna has gone straight from the Nappies to the Toilet without the potty in between – well, because she’s Jenna and nothing can be that straightforward with her. She likes to show off her “pretty Pants” but is a nightmare when it’s time to ask to go. She seems so excited that she has remembered to ask that she forgets why she’s excited and therefore it’s a change of clothes. To be fair she’s doing really well, just this last week we’ve a had a few accidents but I remember the same happening with Jake. You think you’ve got it all sorted – you even get dry nights but then they revert back for no apparent reason and you’re running round with armfuls of fresh clothes and kitchen roll behind them.

But that sense of amazement at them learning seems to happen constantly with the ages the two of them are now and so many things you’d forgotten they learn, having watched Jake we are seeing again with Jenna. She mimics so you have to watch what you say and that building of sentences is so amazing to hear as she makes words up but you know she’s really trying to have a conversation with you. She has also learnt how to ignore instructions or responding to her name being called – Jake’s still going through that phase; mind you so are most the teenagers I work with each day so we’ll have to suffer that for several years to come.

Whether it’s potty training or speech or motor skills it’s just so fascinating to watch these two little people constantly learning. We all sit and watch David Attenborough’s documentaries on the TV but if you consider the amazing action and learning going on right in front of you with your kids it is the same addictive viewing. and they know you are watching so they get a little braver or more cocky and try to do even more to show you what they are capable of – running, climbing, shouting or singing there’s an audience so it’s time to perform.

So as we dodge the puddles and follow the trail of clothes the little menace has left behind, fingers crossed she’ll remember to ask in time more often soon because there’s nothing worse than when you forget to check, she runs towards you for a bosie or to sit on your knee and you wonder what is not quite right just a few seconds too late and it’s a change of clothes for all involved!



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