Machete Attack in Woolwich


As the news unfolds on this horrific attack in Woolwich you really have to wonder what on earth is in the mind of these alleged terrorists.

It appears that a man was chased by car then run over before the two men got out of the car and then wielding a large knife or knives and a firearm attacked and killed the man. The victim is believed to be a soldier from the local barracks and was wearing a “Help for Heroes” T-shirt. Once police arrived on the scene they shot both of the attackers who were transported to hospital for treatment. The story will become clearer as the evening progresses but the Government are treating it as an act of terrorism.

What do these “terrorists” think they are going to achieve by doing this, in public, beside a primary school? If you are wielding a machete or firearm, as was reported, then when armed police arrive you will be taken into custody one way or another. Hopefully with both receiving treatment they can be fully interrogated and get to the bottom of the issue soon to ensure it was a one-off and not the beginning of a wave of attacks on our streets. The thought (or complete lack of) by these men that they are going to succeed in changing opinion or furthering their cause by acting in this way is absurd.

For the victim to be mutilated and dragged onto the road by these animals is a disgrace and I feel for the victim’s family and also for those who were unfortunate enough to be witness to this barbaric attack. To see such wanton destruction of life on the streets of our country’s capital is not something anyone wants or needs to see. These attackers apparently shouted “Allahu Akbar”  translating as “God is Great” but this sort of attack has nothing o do with any form of religion – it is a clear case of savagery and murder and not the sort of action any deity would condone or accept. My hope is that no-one  mistakes the deluded violence of these two with the peaceful and loving faith of Islam. The two should not be connected and no-one should be looking for “revenge” of any type. Instead it is a time where we need to work even more closely with the Muslim community to ensure this is a one-off incident.

We need to feel safe to walk down the streets of our cities and towns; we need to know that those men and women who serve us both here at home and overseas are safe and protected as they can be. The government needs to meet this head on and ensure that people know that the safety of them and their families is paramount. No-one should criticize the action of the armed units either until the facts are presented to the IPCC, if it were me faced with two people with this much disregard for human life waving blades and guns at me I know I wouldn’t think twice about doing my job to protect the public.

Support the police and other emergency service, support the soldiers and support all those in your communities to stop this from becoming anything more than a sad but unique incident.


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