Samantha Brick II: This time she’s brunette


'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 20 May 2013 'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 22 Apr 2013

These women are too beautiful to work…..(leaves pause for the WTF reaction)…they both have claimed that others can’t cope with them around. I’d be happy to never see either of them again myself.

On the left is the latest daftie who believes her looks are stopping people taking her seriously even though she has a PhD. Laura Fernee believes she was hounded out of her job as a Scientific Researcher because even in her scrubs and without make-up on she felt she couldn’t work without men flirting with her and objectifying her. Daftie number two is the original bam who made this claim last year – Samantha Brick – who claimed in her newspaper column that a pilot on a plane sent her back champagne because he found her so attractive and a stranger once gave her a bunch of flower in the street for no reason other than her looks.

Who are these women moaning to? If it’s other women then they’ll find they get short sharp shrift on this one because women will not put up with that kind of boast unchallenged. While neither is hideous, I doubt many men would be falling over themselves to chase them down a street or forget how to behave in work because of them. And what exactly is their problem with being good looking – take a large sip for the “man the f*ck up” mug and stop for a minute. If either of you were so good looking people fell at your feet you’d either be a model or snapped up by a wealthy man looking for a play thing and as far as I can see neither of you are so here’s the reality check: it’s not your looks that are a problem, it’s your personality. There is nothing worse to me than a woma, or man, who knows they’re attractive and plays on it. To then publicly moan that no-one takes you seriously means you are missing the point completely. Mind you it’s not just women.

Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala was ejected from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome at a trade fair. He’s a good enough looking lad but it beggars belief that anyone decided to put him on the first plane out of the country because he was attracting too many women.

Fair enough I fell from the ugly tree and may have even hit a few branches on the way down – but I can’t see what these windbags are on about. Man up and shut up. You can’t get work because you don’t want to work Ms Fernee it’s that simple. With your qualifications you could easily find a job on a research team instead of living off your parents and their generosity which allows you to have a flat and expenses. You are a spoilt little girl who has never grown up and relies on pity and parents to get through life. Brick is also deluded. She is not a stunner and does not turn heads everywhere she goes – she needs a reality check of what is important in life and you’ll find that once people get past looks they need something deeper, more intelligent and more interesting – Beauty is only skin deep. Finally Mr Borkan al Gala if you really are that attractive then well done to your genetics but we don’t care. You are shallow if you are now going to use this ne thing about you to define you – and it’s something you won’t have very long as time cannot be ejected from you and you’ll grow old the same as the rest of us.

To define yourself by your looks and then complain that others don’t take you seriously or treat you with respect is like smearing yourself in excrement and wondering why you are surrounded by flies. Perhaps next time when you look in the mirror instead of preening and posing perhaps you should look into your own eyes and see who you really are and get on with your lives.


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