What’s in a name?



Deciding on the name of your child is such a difficult decision. We went through the “1001 Baby name Book” for both our kids and came up with a list of our top three preferred names for both our kids before deciding – the wife did veto several fantastic idea of mine that were in the book – more on that later.

Klay is the name chosen by the Rooneys for their new child and without check I don’t know if that makes them a boy or a girl. (A boy apparently – I checked) They are part of this strange split in society where half the population are going with old fashioned traditional names like Charlie, Rose, Ruby and Albert, and the other half are deliberately mis-spelling regular names to make their child stand out.

Alexzander, Maddisynne, Jesikka, Klowee, Shevaun, Soosin and Jorja are all actual names registered in the UK – justification from the parents is usually “to make them stand out and be ‘unique’ ” or as I call like to think spending the rest of your life spelling your name out to everyone you meet.

I get the individual thing – but then at the same time many of these kids are also named after celebrities babies. When the Rooneys had their first son Kai it rocketed up the charts of popular boys names to 48th and is still in the top hundred. The Beckhams have a lot to answer for as well considering they are David and Victoria – timeless names – going for Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven. Really? It’s not enough that they are your kids and will stand out anyway.

What I think a lot of people seem to forget is the child has to grow up and live with that name for the rest of their lives. Look at Zowie Bowie, who is now known as Duncan Jones he wouldn’t be taken seriously as a film director with that name over the title. Also graveyards will look weird in a couple of hundred years with all these names on the headstones.

I’m all for people expressing their creativity in life, I do such things myself, but when it comes to naming your child please try to avoid the place it was conceived (Paris), your drink of choice (Chardonnay), or the name of your favourite musician (Ringo – genuine name my wife met).

I did try and get Jill to go with Maverick Ace Duncan instead of Jake because I thought I’d be cool for when he was chatting girls up but I was told no. Then I wondered about X Men type names and again I was shot down. Might just go and change my own name to something weird by deed poll. Maybe even just to be known as JD officially. I know what you’re thinking – and you’re right, she won’t let me!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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