Facebook’s not cool!


A report out this week said that less and less teenagers are bothering with Facebook as it feels too much like a chore to have to go through it and add comments, like things and constantly update their statuses. Many are turning to Twitter because it is micro blogging and it crosses the idea of Facebook with texting. Facebook users tend to be older and are more likely to use it to speak to others and interact where teenagers are more interested in just brief notes about what they’re up to. Instagram and Twitter linked is one of the favourite combinations for many younger users more interested in uploading photos.

It’s not that these younger users are cancelling accounts but they are less likely to be as involved as they once were as it now feels like a daily obligation rather than fun. There is still an expectation that people have Facebook in younger peer groups as a presence on these sites is an important part of growing up and being seen as part of the infamous “in-crowd”. There are still concerns though that many using the site are still sharing too much personal information that could cause them issues outwith the network. Only 60% of users have high levels of privacy settings with others happy to share everything they post with the world.

Shares are dropping all the time in Facebook and they are trying to find ways to bring a younger user back. With so many different types of social media on offer these days the dominance of Facebook was always going to be challenged eventually and it seems we’ve reached the turning point in this saturated market. I tend to use Twitter more to post things and Facebook to keep up with friends and games and it seems this is a pattern being repeated across the age ranges. It will no doubt bring up the scare stories about charging for using Facebook, but the company has made clear there’s no need to do this as they make money from advertisers and games to keep the service free.

Usage and popularity will constantly change as the newest sites and ideas appear but I don’t see Facebook going anywhere in the near future.



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