Keep the Attackers Anonymous



With nearly 24 hours having passed since the horrific attack on the soldier the papers have the images of the two attackers all over the front pages of the newspapers. Soon we will know every little detail about them and their message and vision will be shared with the world. I say we don’t print any of it or replicate any of the images of these two murderers or their actions. If there are any videos or social network sites that these animals put online companies like YouTube and Facebook et al should remove them immediately to limit their reach.

The way these two hung around after the heinous and savage ending of the soldier’s life just to spread their message of hate is one that we should refuse to acknowledge or listen to in any way. The only ones that should deal with them are the authorities. Giving them a platform for this skewed version of Islam and misguided retaliation is not something we should encourage or allow.

Every time we print their pictures and their names we give them an opportunity to get that hate across to others. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t report on the news and events but perhaps the sensational nature of the 24 hour news agenda and the newspapers fighting to improve sales then some will continue to stoke this fire for the next few days. If anything we should celebrate the life and family of the victim instead of giving the killers a voice.

Already the English Defence League and a couple of lone vigilantes have tried to “put things right” with a forty-something man being arrested last night for threatening to burn down a mosque. There are already too many people who don’t appear to understand the difference between cold blooded killers who happen to be Muslims and the regular peace loving and law abiding Muslim community in the UK. Each time these extremist views are heard and extremist on the opposing side of the argument feels they have a legitimate reason for their actions leading to a never ending series of like-for-like murders.

Someone made an excellent point last night about Peter Sutcliffe. In 1967 the “Yorkshire Ripper” claimed he was killing because God told him to. No-one charged out and tried to burn down churches or attack anyone wearing a cross round their neck. Yesterday’s attack was as much to do with religion as Sutcliffe’s actions – nothing. The Muslim Council of Britain came out not long after the attack yesterday condemning absolutely the actions taken in the name of their god.

Some last night questioned the balance in life that sees innocent people killed or tortured in wars abroad, but by killing more people we do not help the issue. The eye for an eye argument is not a valid one and never has been – we need to get past this tit-for-tat approach to solving the world’s problems. Whether you agree with the actions taken by countries in Iraq and Afghanistan does not give anyone licence to behave or act in the way we saw yesterday.

Don’t link these idiots to religion they are separate things and need to be seen as so in all reports and official press releases. Don’t give hatred a platform or a voice or turn them into figures that others may copy for the same spotlights and attention.


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