I hate packing!



It’s one of those real chores in life as far as I’m concerned – packing a suitcase for your hols. And let me remind you it’s not even a holiday – it’s babysitting 50 kids in Rome & Sorrento for six days.

I think if anything my lovely helpful wife makes me panic about packing because she does spread sheets around six months in advance of leaving with numerous lists of things where as I just go across my body working out what I’ll need and hope for the best. She stands over me watching questioning if I have enough of something, or do I need this thing as well, oh you should take that “just in case” – and I wonder why my cases are always so bloody heavy!

One of the worst things is having size 12/13 feet and trying to take more than one pair of shoes in the case means I’ve little room for anything else. Everything ends up crushed and crumpled no matter how carefully you pack it and there’s nearly always some kind of spillage in there too – normally shampoo or shower gel. Rolling things up until they are a tiny ball is usually my way forward – but with disapproving looks from the missus. It’s worse as well because it’s a two stop trip over just six days so trying to make sure you have enough to do you available without emptying the case each time is the trick.

Chargers! Always forget the chargers until the last minute because it’s something I use all the time and don’t think about them as a packing item. Then the dilemma of will I pack everything or do I play it safe just on the off chance my case goes missing and pop a change of clothes in my carry on luggage? You see, these things stress me out – that’s why I don’t do them until the last minute! Even if you do spend a week working towards it you will have the same problem as me as you leave the house: the “have I got everything?” panic that makes you stop, open the case and re-check everything. That along with the forty-third check for where my passport is and I’m ready.

Well I think I am, the wife’s not convinced, but I’m pretty sure everything’s there. Anyway I can buy anything I’m missing once I’m there…where did I put my money!



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