Off on my Travels!



Well folks I’m off for a few days to take fifty kids to Italy with three of my colleagues. Not really the freebie holiday it sounds but you have to grab the perks in this job where you can.

Were going to Rome for a couple of days before heading down to the Bay of Naples to Sorrento. “What’ll happen t the blog” I don’t hear many people cry – but I’ll tell you anyway. Over the next six days there will be a couple of new posts appear on here each day. One in the morning to tell you where I am and my connection to it, and then in the afternoon a clip from an underrated comic who will be worth looking out for on tour or if you’re going down to the Fringe in Edinburgh this year. Time permitting I hope to throw on a few extra photos and blogs as we travel to let you know how we’re doing.

So have a good week, keep checking in for my ramblings and I’ll see you on Sunday night if I’ve not been thrown into the crater at Vesuvius by the rest of my holiday buddies!


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