I worry about the future


In the day to day business of school and only seeing kids for short bursts of time you don’t always see them as they really are out in the real world – which is probably as well or I might have run for the exit even sooner.

General habits like how to hold cutlery appears to be beyond some people with forks in the most unusual holds, shoelaces tied under the tongue if at all and what some people deems suitable as footwear for trekking around the likes of Pompeii and Vesuvius. It makes you wonder if they are like this at home and their parents just ignore their quirks, or if it’s done for their mates benefit to look “cool”.

Then there’s the downright careless kids who lose wallets and keys or only survive on sugar and chips. I swear there’s a kid living on Haribo and fizzy juice in the group; like an excited zombie they shuffle and skip around in equal measure. One kid has lost their wallet twice, luckily for them we found it on the bus both times but it took another few hours for them to notice it was missing. Some don’t appear to understand crossing a road either with a couple of them being pulled back at the last moment as they don’t look in the road to see what’s coming.

Finally the questions we get are so daft you couldn’t write them. Here are just a couple of my favourites so far:

Having discussed where we were going before setting off and being told in the info booklet a child asked whilst in the middle of Pompeii “Where are we?” Thinking they meant within the town I replied “Pompeii” sarcastically (not like me at all) and they said “Oh? Isn’t that the ruins place” as we stood surrounded by ruins.

Or when given a plate of chicken and chips in Rome a child said afterwards “What was that?” When told they replied, “Really? Like the stuff in mcnuggets?” They had never seen chicken like that before. Or the pork that they thought was steak.

Only one full day left and then another day to travel home. I might even miss the dafties a bit, they have made me laugh.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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