Nearly there, for the last time.


Feels like we’ve been away for ages, at least a week and a half, but today is day five and our last in Sorrento before we head off at 6am for Rome Airport. Tonight we have one final meal together in a local pizzeria and then back to pack the cases for tomorrow morning’s trek home.

Being my last school trip this has been a strange one. I have been reminded by the events and kids why I love the job at times and the company of both them and my fellow teachers, or friends as they have become over the years. It’s strange to think I won’t do this again for a long time, if ever, and thought does cross your mind that you are making a mistake leaving – but I know that I’m ultimately not happy with other elements of the job and I can’t just stay for the kids. They all grow up and move on and then you become attached to the next lot – I’d never leave if it was about that.

Someone came up to us today and congratulated us and the kids on their behaviour in the restaurant we had lunch in, which makes you proud of them. Overall they have been really well behaved and good company. I know that the majority of them will go on to do great things and I really hope they have enjoyed themselves and appreciate all the hard work of Kate our trip leader.

Pizza, packing and then bed. Really looking forward to being home with Jill, Jake and Jenna again though and then back to work on Monday to the new timetable and the final run in of 5 weeks before my time at Westhill ends. As much as I love the job I’m sure I’ll be quickly reminded by Monday Lunchtime why I’m moving on.


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