Nestled in the Bay of Naples lies four towns collectively known as Sorrento and this is without question one of the greatest holiday destinations I’ve been to. No golden arches, no Colonel in bow tie, no tacky Little Britian-eque mentality, just a beautiful place with a beautiful view across the bay to Vesuvius. Today is our relaxing day in this tranquil place. Mind you with fifty kids and Terry on the go it might not be for long.

This is the place me and Jill sat on a balcony in 2005 on Honeymoon watching the nightly fireworks from the Bristol Hotel getting pissed as a fart on bizarre cocktails. I’d love to go back to the Bristol – the photo above was taken from our balcony and it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. The hotel was brilliant and recommended by Martin & Laurena who had Honeymooned there themselves. We did nothing but sit by the pool, read, swim, drink and eat for a week and I couldn’t have been happier. The food was sublime and it’s where I got my taste for Italian Cuisine – not the crap you get in jars over here but fresh beautiful produce prepared simply but perfectly. Then there were the boozy cakes that came round for dessert which got you more drunk than the wine you were drinking.

We returned there with Martin & Laurena and whole host of others for Webby & Kat’s wedding in 2009 and again it was fantastic. This time we ventured out and about more taking in the sights and tourist spots including the day the four of us went on a wine tour. When you say it like that it sounds grand and posh, but the reality was we drove about in a people carrier stopping at vineyards getting pissed, stopping in the middle of nowhere to look an original European vine, finishing up at a farmhouse to get more pissed and eat until our stomachs waved a red flag.

The best thing about Sorrento though is the ice cream shop on the main street. It makes its own ice creams and sorbets and I would argue that it is the best in the world. You will not see another selection like it and they play with flavours and types. You’ll stand for at least ten minutes trying to decide which flavour or flavours to go for. I promised our lot I’d take them to it because the last bunch loved it so much!

Look forward to coming back here for a proper holiday before long.


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