Coming Home


Bored at Airport

Without question this is where Holidays really suck – going home. Now it’s not the fact the holiday is over that is the problem, more that you now have an infinite wait until you get home even though you left the apartment about seven hours ago you still seem to be abroad and not home.

You have to do almost all the packing the night before – and it’s worse this time because you don’t pack properly to come home you just throw everything in, sit on it to get the zip to catch and hope for the best. This combined with the eternal quandary of what to wear – warm clothes for your wait there or prepare for home? – makes it a pain in the arse before you’re even out of the room. And you won’t get out of the room without checking the whole room at least twice in case you have forgotten something. Then it’s the panic as you for forget where your passport, keys and tickets are.

Why are we up so early is the next question you ask yourself because I’ve yet to get to a location or leave from it at a reasonable hour. You leave at three in the morning having arrived there just after midnight – this seven day holiday is a craftily worked five day one, no wonder it was cheap. The three hour trip on the coach to the airport to be there in plenty time ( i.e. two hours before you can even check in) gives your brain plenty time to start thinking about returning home and what you’ll need to do that week – but you’re still hours away from touching down in a location near that home.

All the issues about airports are even worse on the way home as you are tired, ratty and just want a shower after sitting on a sweaty coach for the last decade. You keep your fingers crossed that you don’t see the red writing next to your flight indicating the inevitable delay to you getting to your own bed. Ah there it is – the three hours early for the flight has now nearly doubled. Brilliant – how often can I work out how much I have left and whether it’s worth getting changed back or just give in to hat overpriced bag of Smarties?

When will someone just invent a transporter to take us and our luggage across to our desired location?


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