Road Hogs Beware!


Road Hogs

So the Department for Transport are giving us what we want – finally the middle lane hogs are going to be taken to task, the mobile phone addicts will be stopped and bad drivers will be a thing of the past!!!

No they’re not and no they won’t. Stop the celebrations, put away the bunting and save your party poppers for another day. This is a policy that appeals to voters across the political spectrum but will deliver absolutely nothing. Why? Because the police numbers are falling and we can’t expect them to actually enforce these laws if we want to see real changes in crime statistics. We fall for this every time as a country, but yet again the government are pulling a fast one.

Here’s the reality of what will happen:

Police will be given targets to meet on these new outcomes and for the first couple of months resources will be taken from proper policing to sitting on motorways and dual carriageways to catch people out. These fixed penalties will provide more money for the government to waste on initiatives no-one wants and the roads will be as unsafe as they are now.

Those who use their mobiles and don’t wear belts will still have to be caught – and I think they should be – but how many people do you see on the commute every morning ignoring those rules as it is when there are laws against them? Also the mythical middle lane hog is stuck there because nutters are using the fast lane and trucks are playing swappies in the slow lane.

Yet again Westminster seems to think that we don’t have any common sense. All the things proposed are either covered in the law already – which makes this a money making exercise – or just plain bad driving. If we are going to start arresting people for being bad drivers then there will be very few people left on the roads at all. It’s common sense not to drive too close to the car in front and the simple solution to that is if there is a driver on the back of your car you either pull into the other lane; if you can’t, you slow down to annoy them more. It’s not the hogs that are the issue it is the aggressive, rude idiots in their powerful penis replacements.

Here are a couple of simple ideas for you – raise the speed limit to 80 mph on Motorways and ban caravans during peak times. I think you’ll find that’ll sort a lot of problems. Also, never mind bus lanes there should be lorry lanes to stop them from blocking the rest of the road. I wouldn’t worry about the idiots that don’t wear seatbelts they will only kill themselves and as for those who can’t survive without their mobile attached to their ear then petrol stations should provide elastic bands for them to fix them in place.

Asking the police to waste time sitting on the hard shoulder or driving up and down the UK road network is not a good use of money.


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